Kuncai Europe B.V.
Kuncai Europe B.V. was founded in April 2015 as a joint venture agreement between Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co, China and Peak B.V.. Kuncai Europe is a marketing & sales office headquartered in Vaassen, The Netherlands, responsible for Europe and Turkey. The formation of the European branch coupled with the formation of Kuncai Americas advances the global supply capabilities of the Kuncai brand to better serve our multinational customers.

With warehousing centrally located in the Netherlands, Kuncai Europe B.V. is able to supply customers within a matter of days. Furthermore, a well-equipped lab is installed for quality control and technical service.

Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd is a world leading producer of pearlescent pigments located in the South region of Fujian Province in Fuqing City. Kuncai`s natural based pearlescent pigment ranks third in the global market and first in Asia. Kuncai owns dozens of independent intellectual property rights and patented product rights.
With a full range of evaluation and testing equipment, Kuncai has the ability to test their pearlescent pigments for high-end applications, including automotive and cosmetics.