As a responsible corporate citizen of the world, Kuncai Europe B.V. is committed to act accordingly. In our business decisions we use the triple P principle: we aim for a right balance between Profit, People and Planet. In relationship to our employees we want to provide a safe and good environment for them all, where they are treated with respect and where we stimulate diversity. We want to engage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to identify sustainability opportunities and concerns regarding our operations and products and we want to collaborate with these stakeholders to develop beneficial initiatives and solutions. We want to reduce our impact on the environment where possible, to ensure that our practices are meeting community expectations.

Child labour India

Please see below documents for our activities regarding child labour in Jkarkhand/Bihar (India).
We are aware of the issue and we are doing our outmost against it.
-   Announcement December 2015
-   Cooperation Terres des Hommes
-   Statement September 2016
-   Code of Conduct

The Terre des Hommes International Federation is a network of ten national organisations working for the rights of children and to promote equitable development without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination.
-   Projects ( School, regional support) … 500.000€ invest in developing the region to become child labour free
-   Regional audits
-   Alternative sources
-   Strong focus on syn mica

Environmental responsibility
Energy reduced production, low environmental effects…
Kuncai Europe B.V. is running 100% on green Energy.

Animal free testing
All products are qualified without harming any animals.