Exterior series
Automotive series
Kuncai is one of the leading suppliers to automotive paint manufacturers worldwide. Our Automotive series offer excellent weathering resistant properties, have a tight particle size distribution and our quality control meets the highest industrial standards. The special features for the Automotive series include: upgraded eco-friendly processing, superior even coating and suitable for water-based and solvent-borne coatings.

Xilla Maya series
XillaMaya Series
XillaMaya series is the latest development and newest generation of pearlescent pigments from Kuncai. It’s key features come from the unique flaky aluminosilicate substrate. With layers of reflective oxides coating XillaMaya offers highly reflective and intense glittering effect with extraordinary color saturation. The tridimensional and multi-reflective visual appearance is stunning. Kuncai has developed a cost-effective, and eco-friendly process that gives XillaMaya a breathtaking effect. XillaMaya series features include: special processed platelets of aluminosilicate promoting high transparency, controlled and tight particle size distribution, unprecedented tridimensional sparkle with extraordinary brightness, high color intensity, and excellent weather resistance performance.

Fluorocarbon Series
Fluorocarbon Serie
To meet market demands, Kuncai has developed a series of pearlescent pigments suitable for high temperature applications. Through the collaboration with well-known coatings enterprises, Kuncai developed a fluorocarbon coating that offers superior color stability an ultraviolet(UV) resistance.
Rigorous lab testing and application trials prove the stability of TiO2. The outstanding weather resistance of the fluorocarbon pearlescent pigments fully meet the stringent market requirements, bringing uncompromising quality to your products.

DIamond series
Diamond Series
Composed of high transparent flake crystals coated with titanium tioxide and other metal oxides, our super flash Diamond series creates a sparkling multi-color diamond-like dazzling effect that will enhance your product’s appearance and attract your customers. With exceptional transparent clarity, this series is more chromatic, pure, intense and reflective than pearlescent pigments based on mica.

Dinastar series
Dinastar Series
This new extraordinary quality brand of premium pearlescent pigments consists of completely transparent synthetic borosilicate flake, with upgraded technology to get an increased coating ratio. The applied multi-layer technology gives the fascinating color effect, sparkling tri-dimensional diamond luster and brilliant shimmer. The DinaStar series special features include intense reflection colors, exceptional brilliance and precisely controlled particle size distribution.
The glamourous DinaStar series also offers multiple particle sizes and color options for high-end applications. DinaStar meets color demand and inspires unique products.

Plovense series
Plovence Series
Plovence was created using synthetic mica and uses our multi-layer technology. This line comprises interference colors available in two different particle size distributions. It’s brightness and high chroma will make your product stand out.

Synthetic Crystal Series
Synthetic Crystal Series
Synthetic crystal series are based on synthetic mica flakes offering a number benefits compared to natural mica based pearl pigments: Higher purity, chroma, reflectivity and better batch to batch consistency.
Kuncai produces its own synthetic mica flakes resulting in pearlescent pigments of superior quality.
The Synthetic Crystal series can be used in coatings, plastics, and inks.

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